October 2, 2017. China: Honda revealed a concept vehicle Honda C 001 here at the  2017 Qingdao Auto Show and it looks like something that came straight out of a science fiction movie.

If rumor mills are to be believed, though this is a concept design, a lot of its elements may find its way to Honda’s Next-Gen products in the Chinese Market. The Design that was revealed at the Auto Show had no details or mention about the interior cabin or the engine and technical specification.

Honda C 001 Interior and Exterior

Going by the outside Honda C 001 seems be a very sleek 4 door couple design with a very sleek yet long hood and headlights which are slits in the body. The front houses a huge Honda Insignia, with No radiator grill/air dam or any opening whatsoever. This could mean that Honda might be focus on an all electric vehicle, or will there be changes to the actual design, only time will tell.


Looking at this beauty from the side, reveals that is has very very less ground clearance, and large low profile tyres (again no details have been mentioned or shared by Honda).

Honda C 001 roofline is a very sleek and aerodynamic roofline which seemlessly merges into the huge glass rear windshield, which in turn so aesthetically merges into the boot. This gives the impression that the boot hatch will have the glass also when opened.

HondaC001 rear lights are using the same design elements and styling as the ones that come on the Accord and the Honda (present gen), though a lot more slimmer and sleeker, giving it a very futuristic look and appeal.


Honda seems to be focusing towards China with this concept, with again little or news of it being sold or wordked on for other parts of the world.

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We sure hope that Honda will be using some or  a lot of design elements from this concept to its current line up of products.

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