Honda Grazia Scooter

Honda has been making a lot of inroads into the indian Consumer Market and is soon to launch its latest offering into the indian Market.

Very little is know about the scooter honda Grazia apart from some ‘Spy’ images from the Honda dealership stockyard which have emerged all over the net.

Build and Sturcture

The Honda Grazia is  being launched with keeping younger audience in mind and seems to be an urban scooter.The Grazia has a large V-shaped Headlamp with even larger turn indiciators, the design cues of which see to be taken/ borrowed from the Hondia Dio.

The Instrument cluster seems to be a digital and an analogue one with a charging outlet  available under the front hub, which seems to be quick twist and release. It does have decent storage to keep basic things like cellphones.

Also, going by the switches, there seems to be Auto Headlamp (which maybe there in a higher variant), that ojly time will tell.

Wheels and Braking

 The front has a large 12-inch wheel and the breaks seem to be disc brakes. There’s no ABS badging, but does have Honda’s Combi-brake technology sticker.

The foot pedals seem to be of sturdy metal along with some chome inserts on the handle and sides to give it a premium feel

Grazia Scooter

 Engine Specifications

 The engine specififcations have not been revealed by Honda and neitehr does the images indicate what type of engine it will have.

Honda may go with two options (2 variants), of 110cc standard engine which they use along with the well aclaimed 125CC engine which also present in the Activa.

Scooter Grazia Honda

At last

The vehcile bookings have already started at all Honda Dealerships for Rs 2000/- since October 20, and the expected date of launch is 1st week of November.

We will share a detailed review once the we get our hands on the product.

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